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(Clear Braces)

Invisalign® corrects crooked, gapped, and crowded teeth using invisible aligners designed to gradually shift teeth into proper position. The goal is to fix bite concerns and achieve a visibly straighter teeth. Invisalign® aligners are removable allowing you to eat, drink and brush your teeth the way you usually do. Many now prefer Invisalign® over traditional metal braces because it works faster and there is no need for tightening appointments.

Based on your individual treatment plan, you will have several custom aligners made for you throughout the Invisalign® process. Each set of clear aligners is slightly different, helping to gradually shift the teeth into the desired position. Aside from certain situations, such as when you are eating or brushing your teeth, the aligners should be worn all day for approximately two weeks at a time (or as directed by our dentist). After that time, you will switch to your next set of aligners. The amount of aligners needed to complete treatment will depend on the complexity of your orthodontic issues, as well as your individual needs.


Regular Braces

Regular braces are effective in treating moderate to severe orthodontic concerns. Bite misalignment and crowded teeth are corrected using brackets and wires which are regularly adjusted to move the teeth into a more desirable position.

Orthodontic treatment is used to improve the appearance, position and function of your teeth. Your exact treatment will depend on the condition of your teeth. The length of treatment will depend on how complicated the problem is, but it's usually between 18 and 24 months.


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