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Dental Braces and Orthodontics

Forest Heights Family Dental provides orthodontics services for children to address malpositioned teeth and the jaws. It is always better to address and correct dental issues right away for a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

Traditional braces are some of the most effective treatments available for children with moderate to severe orthodontic concerns. Using a system of strong brackets and wires, braces are delicately placed along the teeth with the goal of gradually moving them into a more desirable position.


Sealants and Fluoride

Most children love eating sugary foods which make them good candidates for fluoride treatment. A fluoride rinse can help strengthen and protect teeth and prevent cavities. Sealants can also fight cavities and tooth decay by preventing bacteria from damaging the teeth.

Dental sealants (AKA tooth sealants) are a very thin coat of resin that is applied using a small brush to the surface of your primary chewing teeth (molars or back teeth). The resin is creaming and flows easily into the grooves and pits on the surface of the tooth. Thus the small spaces where food could easily be trapped is filled in with the sealant.

Once the sealant has filled in all the hard-to-clean areas the dentist or dental assistant uses a special UV light to cure the resin to a hard, protective layer.

Why should my child get dental sealants?

Simply put, to avoid future tooth decay. Sealants are almost a requirement to avoid costly and potentially painful tooth decay (cavities and root canals) in the future. While routine brushing and flossing work wonders, sealants are a great way to ensure the health of their teeth. Especially if your child eats or drinks sugary foods.


Dental Cavities

Cavities destroy your teeth so it is very important to address them while still young. Regular checkups and cleanings can help you preserve your teeth for a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. It is also highly recommended to practice good daily dental hygiene to maintain oral health.

Two main factors contribute to tooth decay -- bacteria in the mouth and a diet high in sugar and starch. There are over 500 different types of bacteria that are normally present in the mouth. These bacteria combine with food and saliva to form a sticky substance called plaque that attaches to teeth. Foods rich in starches add to the stickiness of the plaque, which begins to get hard if it remains on the teeth after a couple of days and turns into tartar or calculus. Bacteria in the plaque convert sugar into acid that dissolves the tooth structure, causing holes, or cavities.


Space Maintainers

Children often get teeth extractions leaving spaces in between their teeth. The spaces give room for the new teeth to develop and come out in the right position. Wearing a space maintainer ensures that the space is left open until the permanent tooth comes into place. This mouth appliance lowers the risk of malpositioned teeth and jaw.

There are several different types of space maintainers. They can either be fixed (non-removable) or removable. While space maintainers can be made from metal, acrylic, or a combination of materials, one of the most common space maintainer designs is a simple metallic band with an attached wire.The space maintainer needs to be removed at the optimal time so it doesn't interfere with the arrival of the permanent tooth. So, it is very important to bring your child in for regular check-ups where we'll check the status of the space maintainer.



Mouthguards help prevent oral injuries which are common among athletic individuals. Wearing mouthguards will not only protect your teeth but also your mouth, face and jaw. Forest Heights Family Dental cares about your safety and provides solutions that suit your needs and lifestyle.

Benefits of Sports Mouth Guards

  • Reduces the risk of concussion from lower jaw impacts while playing sports

  • Sports mouth guards protect teeth from being knocked out or fractured

  • Provides a comfortable fit allowing for natural breathing and speaking

  • Prevents jaw fractures by acting as a cushion between upper and lower jaw

  • Meets all High School and Collegiate sports regulations


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