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Dental Anxiety?
We can Help


This means we can meet you face to face and explain how we could help you with your smile.

 Computer assisted anesthesia system is gentle and comfortable freezing system that can be extremely effective to decrease the discomfort associated with administering anaesthesia and help to reduce the anxiety for those who has a fear of traditional needle injection. With this system the computer controlled dynamic pressure sensor monitoring and controlling the exit pressure of the anesthesia in real time.

Computer Assisted Gentle Freezing System

Gentle Freezing
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  • Are you a person who keeps yourself away from dental care just because of your dental anxiety?

  • Are you afraid of needles?

  • Do you have a severe gag reflex during your dental appointments

  • Do you prefer to get many fillings/ multiple extractions in one visit?

  • Did you ever feel difficulty in getting numb with the needles?

  • Are you planning to get your wisdom teeth extracted?

You are not alone! In fact, studies shows that a majority of adult patient population struggle with dental anxiety. IV sedation can help you alleviate your fears and make your dental experience pleasant.



We at Forest Heights Family Dental want to make sure that none of our patients are kept away from opting the treatment because of financial concerns.

We provide IV sedation at a very affordable and competitive pricing in Alberta. We also offer payment plans for our patients who need help with the cost of treatment.




  • Iv sedation is much stronger than oral sedation and laughing gas.

  • Medications that are injected directly to your bloodstream start acting instantly and will help you to relax deeply or even fall asleep.

  • Most patients who are put under IV sedation don’t recall the procedure itself, hence less anxious for future appointments.

  • Help patients sit through extractions or fillings without being worried about drillings sounds or pressure sensation while doing the procedure.





  • Fast for 6-8 hours before treatment.

  • Wear loose clothes.

  • Alert the doctor regarding any changes in your medical history.

  • Arrange a trusted family member/friend to pick you up after the IV sedation appointment.



  • Your doctor will start an IV line on your hand and will give all the medications through the line.

  • There will be a second sedation trained assistant whose duty is just to monitor your vitals throughout the appointment.

  • The chair side dental assistant will help the dentist do the necessary treatment.

  • The sedation team is a 3-member team with specific duties to ensure your comfort during the appointment.



  • Make sure you get a ride back home as you won't be able to drive after the sedation.

  • Ensure you have someone to care for you for next 12 hours after the procedure and that they refer to our post-op care instructions which will be given to you in print before the procedure.

  • Make sure you get plenty of rest and follow the post-op care instructions once you are out from the sedation.


 If you have dental phobia, high dental anxiety or are just a little nervous, we would really like to help you. In order to take the first step and speak to someone in confidence Please call our office and ask for a FREE consult appointment with Dr. Dany regarding your anxiety. This will provide you  the opportunity to talk with someone who understands, cares and can help.

Why Forest Heights Family Dental?

  • We follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide and it makes dental care more affordable option for our patients. By following this nonobligatory dental fee guide, we also enable our patients to maximize their dental benefits since most of insurance companies are also using this Fee Guide for their coverage base(in result patients end up paying less patient portion) . 

  • Free Teeth whitening included With all adults check-ups and cleaning

  • We offer Evening Hours and Saturdays

  • Same Day Emergency and Walk-in Appointments Available

  • 0% In House Financing Available

  • We Direct Bill to Your Insurance!

  • We Accept all Insurance Plans Including: Alberta Works (ADSC), AISH, Assistance for Seniors (DASP), Child Health Benefits, Veterans Coverage, First Nations Dental Coverage


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We recognize that all of our patients are unique and deserve to receive dental care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented dental team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding dental experience every time you visit our practice.

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